Metro 'Guarantees' You'll Have A Ride If You Register Bus Route

Under Metro's Guaranteed Ride program, people who use Park-and-Ride buses and the STAR vanpool can get free cab rides up to three times a year, if they have to go home during the midday when their bus or van isn't in service.

The Metro Board of Directors has now voted to extend that service to all bus riders. Metro Interim CEO Tom Lambert says the expanded service is designed for people who use local routes that have limited service.

"I think it makes people feel more comfortable if they did have an emergency ride, that we've got an opportunity to get them back where we needed to go, for child care services or emergencies in the family."

It's expected to cost about $66,000 a year to expand the service. Metro officials expect the cab rides to cost about $50,000, and the rest will go for administrative costs. 

Board member Christof Spieler says only a few riders will need that expanded service.

"Riders on local bus routes that already have a full day span in service that run from early in the morning to late at night actually have no need on this program. It's only the local bus routes that would end earlier or don't have midday service or the like."

To qualify for the Guaranteed Ride emergency program, you'll have to register with Metro and give information about your usual bus route. The agency expects to start the expanded service by the end of June.



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