Memorial Day Weekend Gasoline Prices Up Two Cents

Sarah Schimmer is with AAA's Houston office.

"Our statewide average — $3.43. National average — $3.66. And then here in the Houston area, it's $3.43 — up two cents compared to last week, but down 13 cents compared to this time last year. Texas still has some of the cheapest gas in the country right now. Other regions of the country — mountain region, midwest — they're looking at a 60, 70 cent jump in the last two weeks." 
Regional refinery issues are to blame in those areas with big increases, as well as higher crude prices and tight supplies. Schimmer says the last real increases came with the conversion to a summer blend.
"We saw prices increase pretty dramatically in a February/March time frame. A lot of that has to do with seasonal maintenance. It happens every year as they transition to that summer, spring/summer blend. That spring/summer blend's a little more expensive to refine and produce. And then when we put it into our supply system, we can definitely feel that conversion at the pump."  
Amarillo has the highest price in Texas at $3.74 and Corpus Christi has the lowest at $3.33 per gallon. 


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