Houston Business Plants Trees To Offset Pipeline Construction

The first President Bush signed an executive order that established the “no net-loss of wetlands” policy. Development that might damage wetlands or streams must be offset by restoring an ecosystem of similar size and function elsewhere.

Russ Krauss is vice president for marketing and analysis at Resource Environmental Solutions. The business focuses on offsetting pipeline construction in shale plays throughout the United States.

“In Texas, it turns out that the majority of wetlands are in the area that is receiving the oil from the Eagle Ford Shale. So that’s over in the Mont Belvieu area, where all the process plants are, cause they all reside in wetlands.”

The company has planted over 5.7 million trees since its founding in 2007. Much of its restoration work concentrates on the Texas Gulf Coast between Sabine and the Columbia Bottomlands, where the naturally wetter environment gives the trees a better chance of long-term survival.

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