OTC: One Exhibitor Talks Of Thousands Of Jobs In Oil And Gas

One company with a display is Alexander/Ryan Marine and Safety of Houston. John Ryan says the biggest problem facing the offhore industry is a shortage of qualified workers.

Monday's OTC conference highlights

"If you look at the total number of new jack-up rigs being built, and you figure that the crews are 100 people each jack-up, times two crews, because they swap 14 and 14 to 28 and 28 days. Look at the number of semi-submersible rigs that are being built — there's crews of 200, so that's 200 times two is 400 people. And then the number of drill ships that are being built — crew of 300. When you extrapolate all those numbers there's about 60 to 80,000 new hires over the next four to five years." 

This is the 39th OTC that Ryan has attended. 


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