Airport Shooter Talked About Committing 'Suicide By Police'

About a month ago, Carnell Marcus Moore told his brother he wanted to confront a police officer while he was armed.

“Didn’t use the words ‘suicide by police’, but certainly that’s the implication.”

That’s Senior Police Officer Fil Waters with HPD. He says on Tuesday, Moore kidnapped a female co-worker he was infatuated with at gun point and asked her to drive him to Houston from Beaumont.

“She somehow talked him out of doing any further harm to her and he released her. He gets in his truck and drives to Houston.”

He checked into the hotel Derek and on Thursday drove to Bush Intercontinental. He arrived shortly after noon with a .40-caliber Glock semi-automatic pistol and a suitcase with an AR-15 rifle in it.

“And at 1:30 p.m. is when he draws a weapon, fires two times in the air.”

That’s HPD Sgt. Brian Harris. He says a Homeland Security special agent told Moore several times to drop his weapon and shot at him when he didn’t. The agent’s bullet hit Moore in the shoulder, but investigators say Moore died from shooting himself in the head with the Glock.

Police found a suicide note that indicated that Moore had decided not to harm others. Investigators say his family described him as a very private and secretive person.

He has no criminal history.

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