Could Outsourcing Help Your Small Business Grow?

A fast-growing small business might find it hard to expand further due to a shortage of qualified sales people, or maybe even the lack of a sales strategy.  Tim Phillips is with Revenade which outsources its sales staff: much like the way that HR or accounting can be outsourced.

"We have the belief that sales can be outsourced, either in part or in whole, to help people actually accelerate their sales revenue and profitability." 

Revenade helps companies scale up with advice on sales strategy and by helping get the right sales employees.

"We have the ability to bring in our team, focus on the goals and then achieve those through focused activity that we manage on behalf our our clients. The other thing that we do is we help them to find sales people that will be effective in their organization that they can then hire to be permanent employees." 

Phillips says small business owners often try to wear too many hats, when outsourcing could help them reach that next level.

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