Baylor Opens Eighth Health Clinic For Teens

Baylor now operates eight teen health clinics in Houston.

They have long been known for their reproductive focus on preventing teen pregnancy and sexually-transmitted disease, and helping teen parents should they become pregnant.

The newest clinic officially opened this week in southeast Houston, at the Raul Yzaguirre School for Success.

It’s a charter school that serves a low-income neighborhood, with a high number of uninsured families.

Anthony Magdaleno is chairman of the charter school’s board.

“I think this is fantastic, I think this is great. I think it’s going to grow.”

This clinic offers far more than the typical school nurse. It will provide a broad menu of reproductive and primary care benefits for teens who have no doctor of their own.

Services will include sports physicals, a pharmacy, and some mental health care.  

Magdaleno says students who are sick can’t learn and are more likely to drop out.

“A child who is sitting in a classroom who is feeling sick or is ill is not going to be concentrating on learning. So in that sense, this clinic is a godsend.”

Dr. Peggy Smith is director of the Baylor teen clinics. She said the school-based clinics often help more than just the teenagers.

“We’re planning on reaching out to the family members of this community so if there’s a younger brother or younger sister, we can also be sure they have their immunizations. That’s one of the most important things, and you’d be surprised how many kids — they may have started their immunizations but they haven’t completed them.”

The clinic will operate two days a week during school hours, and services will be free or very low cost.


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