How A Charter School And A Traditional Public School Will Partner In North Houston

Next school year in Aldine, Hoffman Middle School will have two groups of students.

There will be regular Hoffman middle schoolers.

And then there will be 140 six graders in a charter school on the very same campus. It will be Yes Prep Hoffman.

Jason Bernal is the president of Yes Prep. This week the charter school operator approved the new partnership with Aldine Independent School District.

“It’s showing that traditional school districts and charter schools, you work together to make sure every single student is receiving a quality education and it eliminates the ‘us versus them’ mentality I think that you know has been seen in the past in some other cities currently with charter schools and traditional school districts.”

Aldine Superintendent Wanda Bamberg says several things led them to team up.

One area of Aldine had been losing students.

At the same time, Yes Prep was looking to expand in Aldine. What’s more, the charter network had successfully partnered with other traditional school districts.

Bamberg says it’s a new step for Aldine.

“It’s unchartered territory for us. We’ve very excited about the opportunity to branch out, think out of the box and at the same time find a way to work with our children and reach out and have a new partnership.”

In terms of money, Aldine will pass on funding from the state to Yes Prep for the students in the charter school — almost $7,000 per student.

Both groups say they want to collaborate and learn from each other.


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