Katrina Victims at Dome Balk at Moving to Cruise Ships

Daily operations at the city's biggest shelters are smoothing out as Hurricane Katrina evacuees get used to their temporary homes. Officials are still tyring to convince some of them to move to a pair of cruise ships docked in Galveston.

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Those Carnival Cruise ships have been set aside for the six months as shelters, but so far, there have been no takers at the Reliant Park complex or the convention center shelter, where a total of 26,000 evacuees have settled-in. FEMA's Ed Conley says it's not suprising that people don't want to move again.

At the Astrodome, a medical clinic is still treating patients, but is not nearly as busy as it was right after thousands of the evacuees arrived in Houston. Dr. Ken Maddox is in charge of the clinic and says fewer patients means physicians have been doing their jobs.

Maddox says doctors have treated around 5500 patients at the clinic for a variety of ailments, but nothing serious. Police say they've arrested 45 people in the complex over the past week, but only one in the past 24 hours. They say most of those arrests have been alcohol related.

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