Business Travel To Rebound In 2013

Overall business travel is expected to rise 5.1 percent in 2013, according to the Global Business Travel Association. The group's Joe Bates says there's job development in industries that tend to require more business travel.

"What we're seeing lately, in the last few months, are jobs being created in much more travel-intense industries, such as consumers services and hospitality, as well."

Bates says businesses are using the internet and other methods to supplement business travel, but face-to-face contact remains important.

"Video conferencing and things of that nature — they're more or less supplementing internal meetings, but not really replacing that touchpoint with the customer yet. That's still something where we're hearing everybody say it's really important to get out there and meet folks face-to-face."

Stronger corporate profits, increasing job development and improvements in key export markets are helping business travel rebound.

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