OMG! Adult Drivers Now Out-Text Teen Drivers

The survey was commissioned by AT&T as part of their "It Can Wait" campaign.

AT&T Spokesman Carlos Ramirez says nearly half of commuters admit to texting while driving.

"Which is more than the number of teens that self-report, the adults are 49 percent to 43 percent for teens."

More than 1,000 people were surveyed nationwide and had to be over 18, drive themselves to work and own a cell phone.

Ramirez says 60 percent of the people in the survey did not text and drive three years ago, but now they do. And 43 percent say texting while driving has become a habit.

"You know, our goal is to save lives. It's just a simple message that no text is worth dying for. We're basically trying to make texting and driving become as unacceptable as drinking and driving."

Ramirez says the fact that adult drivers now out-text teen drivers is startling given that on average teens send five times as many text messages in a day as adults

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