Spring Intern 2013: Mahnoor Samana

Currently exploring all that the world has to offer, Mahnoor is seizing the wonderful opportunities thrown her way and taking leaps into a life-long journey.

Mahnoor Samana is a determined student at the University of Houston’s Honors College currently studying Business and Creative writing. She was drawn to KUHF by the simple desire to report the truth and write about topics that concern the majority. Mahnoor is hoping to gain writing and reporting experience out of this internship.

Her choice of a public radio show would be NPR, she loves the diversity that is on or being interviewed and she respects their non biased views on many issues. Mahnoor writes for many blogs and is an avid user of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Currently, she is a photographer for The Daily Cougar, capturing memories one event at a time. Her all-time favorite publication is Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke.

When Mahnoor is not hunched over the computer you can usually find her on stage or at a local coffee shop, performing or writing her next Spoken Word piece. She loves all vintage but definitely has a large splash of bright colors in her life. Always smiling, she will never say no to an opportunity to meet someone new.


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