It's Time For Tour de Houston Again

Each year brings a new route for Tour de Houston.

"We're winding through River Oaks and West University."

Susan Bono is with the Mayor's Office of Special Events.

"One stop that's gonna be really cool this year is we have a rest stop at the 1940's Air Terminal Museum. It's right near Hobby Airport, and people can get off their bikes and go into the museum. It's really interesting."

The tour reaches all the way to Clear Lake, before heading back to City Hall.  That's for the riders who want to go the full 70 miles.  There are also 20 and 45 mile courses that return riders to City Hall, where a party will be waiting for them. 

"We have free lunch and free beer and live music.  And, so, a lot of folks will come finish the ride and put their bikes down, and just enjoy the day on the Plaza."

Bono says, in recent years, the Tour has raised around $100,000 to go toward things like replacing trees at parks hit by the drought.  She expects as many as 5,000 riders will take part in Sunday's tour. 

People can register the day of and free parking is provided.  The Tour de Houston is recommended training for the BP MS 150. But Bono stresses the Tour is a laid-back bike ride, and not a race.

Tour map

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