Two People Accused Of Illegally Serving Alcohol Before Fatal Crashes

Under Texas law it's illegal for adults to provide alcohol to anyone under 21, except for their own kids.  Montgomery County Prosecutor Warren Diepraam says people need to be held accountable when they let kids drink and someone gets killed.

"The statute's been in existence for a long time but it's never really been used for this particular purpose, which is follow-up to fatal crash investigations."

In one of the cases, a woman is accused of serving alcohol to four underaged individuals before an accident that left a teenage boy dead. In the other case, a 20-year-old man is accused of giving alcohol to his 18-year-old girlfriend. The girl later got into a wreck and was killed. 

Diepraam says a total of five young people have been killed in DWI accidents in Montgomery County over the past few months.

"Our children are too important. The district attorney's office is going to protect our children and we will continue our investigations into anybody else doing, or committing this crime."

Anyone convicted of illegally giving alcohol to a minor could spend up to a year in jail.


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