Former Texan Donates 5 Police Cars — Again

In November 2011, Mario Williams, then still with the Texans, donated five white Chevy Camaros to HPD’s traffic enforcement division. He has now expanded the fleet with five more cars, this time black Dodge Chargers.

HPD Chief Charles McClelland says the department can make good use of them as the budget is tight and there’s a critical shortage of police vehicles.

“What he has done by these 10 cars that are assigned to our traffic enforcement division helps improve highway safety.”

Chief giving badgeTo show his gratitude, McClelland presented Williams with an honorary chief of police badge, the most precious gift the police chief can give away.

“As a matter of fact, it’s not honorary, it actually says ‘Chief of Police,’ so don’t try to take that out of there.” (laughter)

Williams, who now plays for the Buffalo Bills, says he’s had a thing for law enforcement ever since he left college. And his donations are motivated by a concern about reckless driving.

“Seeing all the signs in every state that talks about drunk drivers and reckless drivers and drivers at high speed and things and that could be intoxicated or just in general just at high speeds they’re above their means, above their capabilities, and you know, how many deaths a year that entails.”  

The black Dodge Chargers are not immediately recognizable as police vehicles and are designed to accelerate quickly. They will be added to the approximately 120 traffic enforcement vehicles that are patrolling Houston roads every day.

Mario Williams and HPD


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