In Settlement, Darque Tan Agrees To Stop Linking Health Benefits To Tanning Beds

Darque Tan advertised that the beds at its 60 tanning salons would boost Vitamin D levels in its customers — thereby reducing their cancer risks.

The company also put videos on its website that explicitly linked exposure to ultraviolet light to a decreased risk of breast cancer.

State law prohibits tanning salons from making such claims.

It's also illegal to market something like a tanning bed for its health benefits, unless the Food and Drug Administration specifically approved it for that purpose.

The state attorney general's office announced this morning that Darque Tan will no longer claim its beds are safe or otherwise free of health risks.

In addition, the company will have to pay more than $130,000 in civil penalties and attorneys' fees. 

The Department of Health Services will also receive $8,500 to cover the cost of investigating Darque Tan's advertising.

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