Irish Jobs Minister To Forge Dublin-Houston Trade Links

Ireland is still emerging from the financial and housing market crash that brought the Celtic Tiger to its knees five years ago. The one sector of the country's economy that's growing is exports. Minister Bruton says finding new markets is essential and that Texas is an ideal fit.

"In many ways, it's very closely aligned to us, with its strength in telecommunications, in ICT [information and communications technology], in medical devices. And obviously the oil sector is another sector where I think increasingly you're seeing the application of IT. So we believe we have solutions for companies, and we can build strong, long-term relationships."

The trade mission next heads to Austin, where it will meet with Governor Perry, as well as with venture capitalists at the South by Southwest Interactive technology conference.

"We are repositioning Ireland to be the best place to do business in Europe. We all know that Texas already is regarded as the best state in which to do business in the US. So I think we'll have a lot to talk about, and hopefully it'll be mutually beneficial."


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