Major Construction Project Begins on Westheimer

Crews in West Houston are already at work on a $13 million project to improve a drainage canal that runs between San Felipe and Richmond. 

Right now they're working under the bridge on Westheimer. That's near the Highland Village Shopping Center. 

Alan Black with the Harris County Flood Control District says they're replacing failing infrastructure that was built 50 years ago. 

"And we will be enclosing an open channel with dual reinforced concrete box culverts.  What that will do is effectively cover over the ditch and let all of the water flow underground."

So what does this mean for drivers? Black says traffic on the bridge will be narrowed to one lane in each direction.

"Traffic in both directions will be moved over to one side on Westheimer while the contractor demolishes half of the bridge and proceeds to construct the culverts underneath. And then puts new pavement on top of that."

The Flood Control District says work on the bridge will take about a month.  Drivers who don't have business in the area are advised to use another route, such as Richmond or San Felipe.




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