Senate District 6 Has Representation, Finally

Sylvia Garcia beat Carol Alvarado to win the special election for Senate District 6 and will head to Austin in a few days.

But because of the delay in filling the seat, Garcia has already missed about half of the legislative session.

She'll also miss the deadline to file bills, but says she's been in touch with other Houston-area lawmakers to help get things done for District 6.

"You know, it's challenging enough already that in Texas we just meet every two years and it's only from January through May. If I get sworn in about mid-March, that pretty much gives me about ten weeks. So that means I'm really going to have to hit the ground running."

Garcia says public education, healthcare and jobs are her top priorities for her district.

And she wants to make sure Houston gets the attention it deserves from Austin.

"We really have to make sure that this region gets the tax dollars that we put into the state coffers. When you look at road construction, when you look at infrastructure, we don't get a good return on our tax dollars because many people in Austin see our Houston region being vibrant and having a lot of jobs and a good economic base. So they kind of short-change us sometime."

Garcia says the entire Houston/Harris County delegation needs to work together on issues affecting the Port, the petrochemical industry and NASA to keep jobs in the region.

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