Houston Crime Prevention Month Focuses On Robbery Prevention, Gun And Child Safety

It began in 1984 to address violent crimes being committed in the black community, but the success of the "March on Crime" initiative enabled it to be expanded to all areas of the city. Former Houston police officer Ed Gonzalez is mayor pro-tem and chairs the city's Public Safety committee.

He says throughout the month of March, Houston Police officers will go door to door to help strengthen community partnerships.

"We know how important those are and, this has been a long-standing, very worthwhile tradition. This effort continues to focus on the education of the public on crime and crime prevention in their community, and reinforce the Keep Houston Safe public safety campaign."

Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief Martha Montalvo says there is no greater deterrent for citizens than education and protecting themselves and their property.

"There's three prongs to a criminal incident. You have to have a suspect, a bad person. You have to a victim who, obviously has something that the bad person has. But you also have to have the opportunity for a crime. And that's what "March on Crime" is about. It's about closing that gap of opportunity."

This year the emphasis is on crimes of robbery, gun safety and child safety.

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