Volunteers Flock to Astrodome

Volunteers have been pouring into the dome to help with the refugee city that has sprung up there.

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One group in the hundreds of people filing into Reliant Center to volunteer is about 30 people from the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. Executive Director Harvey Hetzel says they are waiting for assignments.

All volunteers are given a wrist band and move on down the hall to wait for orientation from the American Red Cross.

Phillip trys to warn the volunteers what they are in for and it's a blunt message. Phillip warns them they are going to be asked a lot of questions from the evacuees and to do the best they can. Linda Dussair is back for a second day of volunteering after having spent the previous day registering evacuees in the dome.

Word comes that 11,000 cots will be set up in the Reliant Center. That's where American Red cross volunteer DJ is trying to organize 150 volunteers to unfold cots.

Within a couple of hours, cots are being unloaded. After the Reliant center is filled cots will be heading to the George R Brown convention center where officials are canceling events there to make room for the evacuees.

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