Boating Hazards Removed From Galveston Bay

Most of those old pilings are near La Porte and Morgan's Point,  areas on Galveston Bay that are popular with boaters and fishermen. 

Jim Suydam with the Texas General Land Office says crews will remove about 2,000 old pilings.

"Some of them are just below the surface. They're just out there with visual observation, they found them. And I think they'll be using some side-scan sonar."

Suydam says the pilings have been there for years. They're from old piers that were torn down or broken up.  And he says those pilings could cause a serious accident if a boater doesn't know they're there.

"Folks who live out there are pretty happy to see this happening because they know they're there are they know it's dangerous, and it's always been a matter of who's going to pay to pull them out."

Money for the work comes from a $197,000 federal Coastal Impact Assistance Grant.  

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