Sally Jewell Gets Nod For Interior

Jewell is president and CEO of REI, a leading seller of outdoor clothing and equipment. In announcing her nomination, President Obama pointed to Jewell’s record both for business acumen and environmental stewardship.  But Obama also noted Jewell’s experience as a petroleum engineer at Mobil.

Jim Noe is an executive with Houston-based drilling company Hercules Offshore.

“With Secretary Salazar, we saw a regime that oversaw the drilling moratorium that followed the Macondo oil spill — the regulatory uncertainty and unpredictability for the year or two following the Macondo oil spill. With the nomination of Sally Jewell, to be honest with you, I think the situation for the Gulf of Mexico can only improve.”

Jewell is the first woman the president has nominated for his cabinet in the second term. Salazar announced last month that he will step down in March.

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