Saint Arnold's Annual Production Nears 50,000 Barrels

Twenty-twelve marked the eighth time in the past nine years the craft brewer’s production increased by more than 20%. Brock Wagner is Saint Arnold’s brewer/founder.

“I opened Saint Arnold’s in 1994, and my long-term goal at the time, which I thought was a bit of a pie-in-the-sky goal, was to get to 50,000 barrels. So, we’re right there on where I hoped to someday be able to grow Saint Arnold’s to.”

The brewery’s production last year was seven times the amount of beer Saint Arnold brewed in all of 2003, the year production reached 7,000 barrels for the first time.

The company plans to keep expanding production in 2013.   It’s also preparing to branch into food service, opening a kitchen to serve lunch at its Near Northside brewery.



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