McClanahan Takes Reins At GHP

The theme of GHP’s 2013 annual meeting was “Imagine.” McClanahan invoked the spirits of numerous Houston visionaries in his inaugural address — from the Allen Brothers to M.D. Anderson — as examples of people who imagined great things, then put in hard work to make them a reality.

But McClanahan also sounded a strong note of continuity. He identified improving the region’s education system and transportation infrastructure as top priorities of his administration. The GHP focused heavily on these issues last year, under outgoing chairman Tony Chase.

CEO Bob Harvey signaled immigration reform as another top goal of the Partnership when he took the lectern. “I’ve always been proud that the Partnership has led in the area of immigration reform,” Harvey said. “With the changing tone and discussion in Washington, we are so well positioned to be a leader and player in this national debate. It’s something our community simply must address.”

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