HISD Says It Will Consider Police At Elementary Schools

The NRA says armed guards patrol banks, federal buildings, stadiums and watch over the President, but aren't stationed at every elementary school. HISD says it has a force of nearly 200 armed officers, with at least one stationed at every middle and high school across the district. Patrol officers keep an eye on elementary schools, but aren't stationed there. The district's Jason Spencer says HISD is currently reviewing how it utilizes its officers.

"The last thing we want to do is be stagnant and predictable and so as things change, as circumstances change, then we'll adapt to that. Currently the emphasis has been on constant law enforcement presence in our middle and high schools and we're looking at whether we need to step things up in the elementary schools. We'll be taking any necessary action and once we  identify what needs to happen, we'll move to get it done."

He says having armed officers on all 279 HISD campuses wouldn't be cheap.

"With our existing staff of about 200 police officers, our annual budget for our police force is about $10-$11 million per year. We estimate we would have to double that in order to place a full-time armed police officer on every campus."

Spencer says the HISD is already dealing with a state funding shortfall of around $120 million over the past several years.

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