Harris County Authorities Try To Stem High Drunk Driving Fatality Rate


Authorities stayed busy last Christmas responding to hundreds of accidents on Texas highways that involved alcohol.

TxDOT says during last year's holiday period there were 2,400 alcohol-related crashes in the state.  Eight hundred people were hurt. Seventy-eight people died.

"Anybody can listen to those numbers and know that that's just way too high."

TxDOT's Kelli Reyna says they see the same kind of incidents year after year.

"It's either people who decide to drink and drive, whether you're at an office party, you're at a bar, or you're just at home. We know it's the holiday season and we know that people tend to drink a little bit more than they would at any other time of the year."

In the Houston area alone, the numbers are also grim.

Jeff Kaufman with the Montgomery County prosecutor Warren Diepraam reads a poem against driving under the influence.


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