Expected Weekend Rains Will Help Ease The Drought, But Not By Much

The U.S. Drought Monitor says Harris and surrounding counties are running a rainfall deficit of between 5 and 10 inches.   Brian Fuchs is a climatologist at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  He says if rainfall were to catch up to normal levels, that wouldn't automatically mean an end to the drought.  He says one would have to look at how the ground responds to it.

"If you do get a rain event, but we don't see the rivers and streams come up, or we're still seeing some impacts due to the lack of water, sometimes it can't be a direct relationship to the just exactly how much rain the area needs."

Fuchs says a handful of light-to-moderate showers over the course of the weekend won't, by themselves, do much to reverse the drought.

"But, when we can start building upon those and it starts replenishing some of that soil moisture, and some of those shortages in the area, that definitely will help as far as giving some potential for some improvement as we go through the winter."

As a whole, Texas is in better shape than last December.  A year ago, 99.8% of the state was in moderate-to-exceptional drought.  Now, that figure is down to 87%.

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