Texans Fans Gather For Monday Night Football

You can watch the game at home on ESPN, but many fans will gather at local sports bars as the Texans hope to add to the win column in their best-ever season.  One of those viewing spots is The Deck on Fountain View. 

We talked to manager Toby Holt.

"I think it's a thing about being around friends, and being around the excitement and having somebody yell and scream and having a good time instead of sitting on your couch and being alone or with a couple of other people. It's always fun to be somewhere with an atmosphere."

They're also preparing for lots of noisy fans at the SRO sports bar in northwest Houston, a sprawling complex lined with televisions.

Bartender Ian Schatty says they're even having a tailgate party in the parking lot.

"We're excited. All of our fans are rip-roaring and ready to go." 

And Schatty says the crowds get bigger every time the Texans win, and the fans are showing off their creativity.

"Anywhere from the face paint to the full-body bull costumes, we've seen some characters.  Our regulars come here almost every game."

The last time the Texans met the Patriots was in January of 2010.  Houston won that game 34-27.

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