You Still Have Time To Prepare For The First Area-Wide Freeze Of The Season

We've seen four days with record-high temperatures this month. And it might feel a bit late for Houston to just now experience a freeze — though areas to the north dipped that low almost a month ago. Meteorologist Patrick Blood at the National Weather Service in League City says we're more-or-less on schedule.

"We usually see our first freeze sometime either right before Thanksgiving, or a little after Thanksgiving.  So we're pretty much on track as far as it being the first area-wide, meaning most counties see the freeze."

Counties north of Harris will fall into the mid to upper 20's. And virtually the entire listening area will get down to 32.

"Looks like the freezing line is going to fall somewhere along the coastal counties.  So even down toward Angleton, Lake Jackson, you could be right around the freezing mark for about three or four hours."

So what about people who've been lulled into complacency, and haven't yet taken the usual precautions to protect plants, pipes, and pets?  Blood says you still have plenty of time before temperatures hit the freezing mark. 

"Freezing temperatures will start to begin probably around 8 or 9 pm, up there north of Conroe, around Lake Livingston.  And even down here, closer to the city, we'll start to see the freezing temperatures in the mid-to-late evening.  So there's plenty of time to get the plants inside, and the pets inside."

Blood says tonight's freeze won't get cold enough or last long enough to harm unwrapped pipes, though he advises getting those protected for the next freeze.  Afternoon highs are expected to return to the 60's by Thursday, with 70's possible by Saturday. 

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