More Companies Find Reason To Celebrate In 2012

Challenger, Gray & Christmas reports more than 83% of companies are planning year-end holiday parties. That’s up from 68% last year, though it’s still shy of 2007’s celebration rate of 90%.

Rick Cobb is Challenger’s executive vice president.

“We’ve been in a jobless recovery since the 2008 collapse. So, what’s happened is, companies are performing well financially, and they’ve been doing a lot more with fewer workers. The increase in holiday parties is a relatively low-cost way to reward those people for the performance.”

For workers whose companies are holding parties, particularly where alcohol is available, Cobb says it’s important to remember there’s a fine line between having fun and having too much fun. He says the recovery is still fragile, and drawing attention to oneself with embarrassing conduct at the holiday party can have consequences.


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