Texas Ranked 16th Most-Expensive State For Drivers


CarInsurance.com recently looked at state averages for annual miles driven, the cost of gasoline, and the cost of insuring a new Honda Accord. It then looked at how much residents of each state paid to drive as a percentage of their income. The result is what the site calls the Automotive Misery Index.

Des Toups is with CarInsurance.com.

“People in Texas drive a lot more than people in, say, Connecticut, so we looked at that. We also looked at the incomes involved. People in Connecticut make a lot more than people in Texas do, too.”

Taking all that together, Texas ranked as the 16th most-miserable state for drivers.

“The average bite was 7.7%, which means about $1 in every $13 or $14 [you earn] is going to your car expenses.”

The index ranked Mississippi as the most-expensive state for drivers and New Hampshire as the least.


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