East End Lawman Indicted After 14-Month Investigation

Chip Lewis is Trevino's attorney and says his client never intentionally broke the law and he's confident Trevino will be found not guilty at trial.

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"Do we believe Victor Trevino knowingly and intentionally, because that's the standard the government is going to be held to, did he knowingly and intentionally violate the law. There's going to be a resounding no, he didn't. And when they say no, they'll return a verdict of not guilty."

Trevino was first elected at Precinct 6 Constable in 1988. Lewis says he will not step down.

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"There is absolutely no reason, given the mandate of his constituents, that he would step down and stop protecting and serving his constiuents, who have resoundingly, seven elections in a row, re-elected him."

Trevino has had no comment about the indictments.

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