Senator John Cornyn Named As Minority Whip

Around the time Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will be making way for freshman Ted Cruz, Senator John Cornyn will move into his new office just off the Senate floor.

Cornyn says because last week's election was basically a status quo vote with neither party in complete control, not much has changed in terms of the distribution of power.

"But I will tell you what must change is we must find a way to work together to solve our nation's urgent and long-term fiscal problems. I believe that, being from Texas, I start this responsibility with a native Texas optimism, where we don't recognize problems as much as we see opportunities."

Republicans unanimously approved Cornyn to serve as minority whip, where his primary duty will be to count and gather votes on party issues.  

One of the first issues Republicans and Democrats may have to compromise on is the fiscal cliff. High level meetings between the president and congressional leaders are scheduled for Friday morning.

"I hope the president realizes he doesn't have to stand for election again, and as he one time said, he now enjoys flexibility to lead and I hope he takes advantage of that opportunity. There's no shortage of solutions out there. Bipartisan approaches to dealing with these issues, both on the short-term, medium and long-term challenges."

Although the state's senior senator will be focused on the national landscape, Cornyn says his new position will give him more leverage to promote issues important to Texas.

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