HISD Opens Doors to Refugee Kids

Amid all the bad news in Louisiana and New Orleans, here's a story with a ray of hope for the children whose families have been forced to evacuate to Houston. The Houston School District is opening its doors to those kids and is enrolling them as students while they're here.

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It's true. Spokeswoman Adriana Villareal says HISD is opening all its 300 plus schools to Louisiana children whose only Houston address is an emergency shelter or a hotel room.

Villareal says it's all perfectly legal, because state law allows school districts to enroll children without permanent addresses in emergency situations.

Villareal says they have no way of knowing how many families will take advantage of this, but they're anticipating hundreds and possibly thousands of children will enroll, because they're also preparing for the children in the thousands of families who're coming to Houston from New Orleans in a bus convoy today and in the coming days.

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