Dynamo Get Ready For Playoffs With City Hall Rally

After kicking Sporting Kansas City out of the Major League Soccer playoffs on Wednesday, the Houston Dynamo held a rally at City Hall today.

City Councilmember James Rodriguez told fans to come out and support their home team on Sunday.

“We’re gonna need your help to get the word out, to let folks know that our dynamo are back in town. They’re gonna be back in action and we want them to continue on this playoff run.”

This is the team’s first season in the new stadium in Houston’s East End.

Dynamo President Chris Canetti says BBVA Compass Stadium has had a great impact not only on fans, but on the community that surrounds it.

“Even prior to it opening there was a lot of momentum in terms of hope for the future there and development and now that it’s opened and it’s up and running, you can see that that end of town and that part of the neighborhood is really starting to come along. You can see there’s a lot of hope and enthusiasm over there for it to grow and develop.”

He says the current playoff run certainly helps to keep that momentum going.

“When you have a successful side that’s winning, that’s delivering results, that’s elevating the enthusiasm of the community for the team, I think that spills over into all the other areas around.”

The first game of the Eastern Conference finals is this Sunday at 3 pm.

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