New Houston Study Looks At Bus And Bike Commuting

METRO says it's seen about a 50 percent increase in the number of people who bring their bikes aboard buses.

Alan Clark with the Houston-Galveston Area Council says they're like to see those numbers grow, and they're looking for ways to make bus-bike commuting more convenient.

"The trips that we can encourage on bicycling and transit are trips that are not happening on congested freeways and roadways."

Clark says one of the goals of the study is to learn how people can reach more destinations by using bike trails and public transit. They want to know if riders are getting sufficient information on how to access trails and transit stops.

"Perhaps some are concerned about the security of using their bicycle and parking and then leaving it at a transit stop or location.  So we can talk about what would make people more comfortable and safer if that is a concern."

And that could lead to new facilities like bike racks and lockers. As for where the money would come from to pay for those upgrades, Clark says funds are available that are earmarked for reducing vehicle emissions.

"If we can show that increasing the use of bicycling and mass transit is leading to less use of cars, we could use funds like those."

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A focus group will be held this evening at 5:00. It's at 1902 Washington Avenue.

Clark says they want to hear from bicycle riders, bus riders, and people who are already combining bus and bike transportation. 

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