Zombies Walk Houston Streets For Charity

Tomorrow, hundreds of zombie enthusiasts will gather at Jones Plaza for the 2nd annual Houston Zombie Walk Downtown. Participants will show off their best zombie impressions as they shuffle around the mile-long route.

“Zombies are the hot thing right now.”

That’s Darren Tompkins, the founder and president of Zombie Walk. This year, money raised by the event will be going to three Houston charities: The Houston Children’s Charity, Spay/Houston, and Dove Key Ranch Wildlife Rehab. He understands the impact of combining charity with the latest trends.

“It’s important because it is number one, going to raise a lot of money for the charities that we’re supporting, because it is such a pop culture phenomenon right now.”

Tompkins says that the inspiration for Zombie Walk has its roots in his family upbringing.

“I come from a charity family. My mom was a social worker. Her mom was a Salvation Army career officer. Her grandmother was a Salvation Army career officer. I’ve always been an animal guy and a horror film guy, that side came from my dad. I just tried to figure out how to combine the two.”

Lady Cocchia, Zombie Walk’s Executive Director, says that events like this allow people to express themselves, while still remaining charitable.

“This isn’t just a gala that you can dress up in a ball gown and go to for $1500 a plate. You can go and dress up like a dead person or dress up like a princess.”

Tickets for the event are $15 dollars, which will be split evenly between the three charities, and can be purchased from the Zombie Walk website.

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