Spring Intern 2013: Conner Clifton

Conner Clifton got his start in storytelling as a child when he would be sent to the principal’s office and had a find a way to escape punishment. Since then, he’s moved from fibbing and prefers to stick to the facts.

In the fall of 2009, he was an intern in the KUHF Newslab and became infatuated with the possibilities the medium of radio could offer. He then spent the next three years working on COOG Radio, the University of Houston's student-run radio station. Having had his fill of obscure music and dead air, he returned to KUHF, with a vengeance, to intern in the Newslab for a second time.

While at UH, Conner studied a wide variety of subjects before deciding to focus on political philosophy. When not working in the Newslab, Conner spends his free time drawing stupid comics.


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