Houston Could Host 2017 Super Bowl

Houston hosted the Super Bowl in 2004 to great acclaim from visitors and residents.

Now the city is attempting to duplicate that success, minus any halftime show wardrobe malfunctions, by snagging the 2017 game.

Mayor Annise Parker says Houston should be in the rotation for all the biggest sporting events.

"We're glad to be in the mix and we'll continue to compete, whether it's baseball, football, basketball, soccer and any other sport you can think of, we want to be at the table trying to bring those games to Houston."

Parker says winning a Super Bowl bid is a political process and the city will do its best to beat out its competitor.

"It's a very competitive process. It involves the intra-organization politics of the NFL. It's not just about what the city has to offer, we know we can do a Super Bowl, the NFL knows we can do a Super Bowl. It's all the other things that they ask around it."

San Francisco and Miami are in competition for the 2016 Super Bowl. Whichever city loses that bid will compete against Houston for the 2017 game.  

NFL owners are expected to make a decision on the 2017 game early next year.

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