Shuttle Making Slow Trip To Final Home

The 12-mile trip from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center began early this morning and will end tomorrow night. The Shuttle has stopped until later tonight as workers re-position the craft atop its custom-made transporter. Jeffrey Rudolph is the president of the California Science Center and is watching every minute of Endeavour's slow journey.

"It's a pretty impressive site. Very different. You know, we had the pleasure of having the full state participate and you guys too in Houston and the flyover when it was arriving here. We were able to share that across the country and across the state. This is a very different experience. That was a very beautiful sight to see it in the air. This is seeing it up close. It looks a lot bigger when it's on a city street."
Thousands of spectators have lined the route and have spent the day snapping pictures and cheeringthe iconic spacecraft. Rudolph says this is the culmination of a lot of planning.

"It is kind of like an incredibly exciting and positive time and at the same time I will say a little bit unnerving because everything is planned out in great detail, everything is so far going well, but you do worry about it. This is a very complex move and we're going through the city and I just hope that we continue to have no surprises."

Houston missed-out on getting a retired shuttle for display but will instead get a wooden mock-up of one that will be housed at Space Center Houston.

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