Other Drivers Need To BACKOFF? Say It With Your License Plate

About twice a year, the private contractor that creates and sells specialty plates holds what it calls a "7-for-7" promotion. That's seven days to call dibs on your own seven-character combination. The promotion begins next week. But Kim Drummond with myplates.com says drivers can get an idea now whether the message they want on their plates is still up-for-grabs.

"Go to myplates.com, and you type in the seven-character word you've been waiting to get on your license plate. And you see if that's available. Because we've sold these on a couple of occasions before. So about 4,000 of those combinations are taken."

Many of those combinations rely on creative spelling so they'll fit. Some examples from the last "7-for-7" promotion in March include:

"Dark Knight — DRKNGHT. Let's Roll — LTZROLL. Honey Badger? HNYBDGR. Sure there's a story there."

Drummond says there are still plenty of combinations left for drivers who like to boss others around.

"Catch me. Do it now. Back off. Chase Me. Speed Up. Slow Down. Get Back."

For the rest of the week, drivers can check the availability of certain combinations, but they can't reserve the plates. The online ordering period starts at 7 a.m., Monday, October 8th, and runs for a week. All orders are first-come, first served. Drummond says the bulk of the sales happen in the first hour of the first day.

"So, that's why we start check availability now, and don't wait to turn it on the morning of the sale, so people can prepare."

The price of seven-character plates starts at nearly $400 for one year, and it goes up to almost $800 for ten years. That's cash up front. And it's in addition to the usual registration fees.

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