Former U.S. Education Secretary Paige Calls for Education Reform

Former U.S. Education Secretary Rod Paige was in Houston urging the businesses and the community in general to continue pushing for a quality public education system. Paige says the country doesn't yet realize the competition that exists.

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Former Secretary Paige says the country needs to start taking the education revolution seriously. Paige says the U.S. is not moving fast enough to meet the challenge.

Laurie Bricker who now sits on the Higher Education Coordinating Board was a member of the HISD board when Paige was superintendent. Bricker says testing drives reform in schools.

Houston Federatioin of Teachers President Gayle Fallon says education is key for competing in a global economy. Fallon says accountability, while difficult, is the only way to know if a school is succeeding. But, Fallon says, the issue of testing is a difficult one.

The 9-11 terrorist attacks changed how international travel is handled. Secretary Paige says it's limited the number of international students. He says other countries, Austrailia, Finland and Ireland, are benefiting by amassing talented students who used to come to the United States. Paige says that makes it all the more important that the U.S. teach and nurture its own students.

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