Wide Pay Gap Persists Between Texas Women And Men

The analysis finds Texas women on average earn 82 cents for every dollar paid to Texas men, five cents more than the nationwide gap.

Sarah Crawford is Director of Workplace Fairness at the National Partnership for Women and Families, which conducted the study.

“We are certainly pleased to see Texas doing a little bit better than the national average, but we still believe that a gap of what works out to be over $7,000 a year is a significant pay gap that could cover critical expenses like rent and groceries and insurance.”

The analysis breaks out the pay gaps by congressional district. In the Houston area, the widest disparity is in Ron Paul’s 14th District, where women earn 68 cents for every dollar men earn. The narrowest is in Al Green’s 9th District in Southwest Houston. There, median pay for women is 97 cents on the dollar.


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