Light Rail Expansion Means Weekend Delays For Drivers

The new East End and Southeast Lines are meeting up with the current Main Street Red Line. A lot of that work is centered near Main Street Square in the heart of downtown. That means drivers will have to make their way around construction zones.

"So we have a series of construction dates that will occur on the weekend, where portions of the line will be closed, and some streets will be closed downtown as we conduct work on these lines."

Metro's Jerome Gray says they wanted to do the work on weekends to minimize the inconvenience for businesses and drivers.   And it won't be every weekend. Gray says crews will be out one or two weekends a month. That construction will continue through March of next year.

"We're talking about the streets of Rusk and Capital.  Those are two key streets because those are where the lines cross the Main Street Line."

But despite the inconvenience, Gray says the good news is that Houston's light rail system is starting to come together.

"We are actually a little ahead of schedule but not ready to announce that anything is opening early. We're still projecting, and we believe that these three lines will be open to the public in 2014.  So we're really on a pretty aggressive schedule to get the work done."

Along with the new lines coming in from the east and southeast, Metro is also expanding the Main Street line north from downtown.

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