Houston Area Salvation Army Plans Relief For Hurricane Victims

It's been around a week since Hurricane Isaac battered the gulf coast. Major Edward Alonzo says they're relieving some Salvation Army units already in New Orleans. What they're sending is a mobile canteen.

"These are to provide meals for people that lived in those neighborhoods that were flooded, even though the water is [receding] they still have no means of cooking themselves.  So we go into those neighborhoods and provide them with hydration and food."

The canteen is like a big food truck—there's a nine-burner stove, microwave, sink, and a fridge. Once the canteen reaches New Orleans, volunteers like Ida Ewing from Pasadena, will be cooking and serving up food.

"We're going to do breakfast, and we're going to do sausage, scrambled eggs and juice and milk and that's what we're going to do for our first meal."

The canteen will be ready to serve that first meal on Thursday. It may stay in New Orleans for up to two weeks.

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