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This show features the La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures release of the special 2-CD SET of two original scores to the 1992 Paramount Pictures motion picture thriller JENNIFER 8, starring Andy Garcia, Uma Thurman, and Lance Henriksen and written and directed by Bruce Robinson.

Disc One features acclaimed composer Christopher Young's (HELLRAISER, RUNAWAY JURY, THE CORE, DRAG ME TO HELL) original score-considered to be the composer's breakthrough work in terms of scoring films for major studios. For this release, Young has re-visited his career-making score and has provided a new, magnificent 48 minute assembly-creating the ultimate presentation of his haunting and beautiful work, a melodic and atmospheric score that injects the film with suspense and human emotion.

Disc Two presents renowned composer Maurice Jarre's (LAWRENCE OF ARABIA, THE PROFESSIONALS, GHOST, A WALK IN THE CLOUDS) unused original score to the same film. Jarre scored about 75% of the film before his music was replaced with Young's score. About 40 minutes of Jarre's score is presented here

This release is a fascinating look at two different scoring approaches by two immensely talented composers.

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