BVA Is Looking For Volunteers For Next Week

Travelling halfway across the country or the world isn’t an easy task at the best of times, but if you’re blind it can be nearly impossible. This is why Margarine Beaman, volunteer coordinator for the Blinded Veterans Convention in Galveston is looking for a range of people to help blind veterans who are flying into Houston this weekend.

“It’s a lot of coordination when the airport is so far from your destination. It can be a four hour commitment, two hour commitment. It’s whatever that they’re able to do. That’s why I’m looking for some for the hotel area. I’m looking for some for the airport. Because in that way, I will always have someone there at any given point besides just myself.”

WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan blinded veterans will be arriving at both Bush and Hobby airports Saturday and Sunday. Then they’ll be taken to the Hilton Hotel in Galveston.

Beaman says it really helps to have plenty of volunteers to give the blinded veterans a chance to be tourists.

“You know after you’ve been in the hotel for so many days, you may want to go somewhere else to eat. Volunteers can walk people to the area. You can see the beach from the hotel. You wouldn’t want cross that busy street by yourself!”

The convention begins next Monday August 20th and runs until the 24th. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can contact Margarine Beaman at 512.921.1625.

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