BRAC Commission Slowly Working Toward Ellington Decision

It's a waiting game for the Ellington Field delegation in Washington as a federal base-closing commission wades through a long list of recommendations.

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The commision had been expected to make a decision on Ellington and the Texas Air National Guard F-16's stationed there sometime today, but because of delays, might not vote until tonight or tomorrow. John Cook is the chairman of the Ellington Field Task Force and says Texas has been well-respresented.

Cook says the commission's decision do go against Pentagon recommendations gives him hope that it might reverse a recommendation to move the 147th Fighter Wing stationed at Ellington.

Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee says even if the BRAC commission does vote to shut down the 147th Fighter Wing, lawmakers can reverse that decision later.

The Pentagon says its closure and reallignment recommendations could save the government close to $50 billion over the next 20 years.

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