Texas Shoppers Save During Sales Tax Holiday

For the past 14 years, Texas parents have taken advantage of the annual event. Most clothing and shoes valued under $100 will be exempt from state and local sales tax. Also exempt are items such as diapers, adult uniforms, swimwear, and and some sporting equipment.  

"In 2007, school backpacks were added to the list. In 2009, school supplies like pencils, pens, notebooks were added to the list as well." 

So how much of a help is the sales tax holiday? JR DiSilva with the State Comptroller's Office says shoppers around the state are expected to save an estimated $65 million.

"The state and local sales tax combined is eight-and-a-quarter percent, so for each $100 of items that you're buying, you're saving about $8, and that obviously can add up."

The sales tax holiday starts Friday and runs through Sunday.

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